Storing your clothes

So this will be a short post, entirely in English, about something VERY important.

Update! Read this post, really good information on these bad bugs. Only in Swedish though.

I should confess. I got a real scare today. For a while, I’ve been thinking on changing the way I’ve been storing my medieval clothing and things. For as long as I’ve been active in this hobby I’ve stored my woolen things either hanging or in big cardboard boxes.

And today things were set in motion. One of my friends posted on Facebook that she’d gotten bugs in her closet. Fur (or carpet) beetles. The arch enemy of all things woolen. I thought a bit about my storage and compleatly freaked. The amount of time and money I’ve spent on my medieval warderobe made cardboard boxes totally not OK. My reason for not buying proper boxes were that it was to expensive. A box of 45 litres costs 249 SEK (about €27). That reason is NOT good enough after thinking about how much my things are worth to me. Just thinking about another friend that got their medieval warderobe compleately destroyed by clothing moths I realised something had to be done at once.

Carpet bug (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

So I rushed to the closest store (Clas Ohlson that is, for you Swedes reading) and bought some storaging, and now all my things are packed in either air (and moist-) tight boxes or vacuum storage bags (like the picture below) with some red cedar wood. As I put the things in their storage I looked over them properly and thankfully I didn’t find any traces of bugs. I would have wanted to heat everything in a sauna to be all sure, but since I don’t have access to one this would have to do.

Blankets in vacuum storage

In the end I just want to urge all medievalists that, like me, aren’t storaging their things properly to think again and store your things the right way. The price of some good boxes is nothing compared to the price of your hand crafted things!!!


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