I have a podcast!


Just a quick update for you – I’m obviously not very active here, but I have news for those of you that wan’t to follow my antics on a more regular basis; I have a Youtube Podcast!

I talk about my hobbies, which are knitting, folk costume, and of course reenactment. It also includes little snippets of my everyday life, such as apartment scale farming, hiking and the few travels that one can do in these times.

There will be themed episodes around for example Battle of Wisby or other events, about my folk costume, special items of clothing through the centuries and such, and maybe I’ll invite some of my friends to talk about reenactment and folk costume.

Subscribe to the channel if you want to follow me there – my channel name is Addelej (which also is my instagram handle). Click this link to get to the channel, and please comment on the videos with suggestions on what I should talk about in the podcast!

Below you will find the first two episodes of the podcast, and if you check out the channel you can also find a travel vlog (in Swedish) there.